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Oct 11, 2010
Virginia beach, VA
Hello everyone! I am somewhat new to raising backyard chickens
. We have a small flock of four chickens. Two silkies, one cochin, and one sultan. Tomorrow we will be getting an americana hen (so eggcited). At the moment, our four innocent hens are illegals , but are desperately trying to become citizens (going before city hall tomorrow evening and pleading my case!). If anyone has advice on how to get chickens legal or anything else, it would greatly be appreciate. Don't get it when the dog nest door can bark at 3 in the morning or hours, but we just can't keep a few hens for eggs. But anyways, can't wait to get to know everyone. So glad I got the chicken fever
, but its a shame we can't have more chickens and a rooster and ducks and geese and the list goes on. Thanks ( in advance)

A big
to you. I feel the same way, why can dogs bark all hours of the night, but a rooster is a No No in a small country community. Good Luck tomorrow, Plead a strong case and they may be lenient...
Let Us know how it goes...

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