Hello from Virginia!


8 Years
Jan 11, 2012
My Coop
My Coop

I've just joined BYC this morning FINALLY after lurking since last March when I got my first 6 chicks :) I've spent the past week building a new and improved coop all by myself but with lots of help from all you amazing people here who have posted pics and instructions on their coops. While doing this, I've been on the BYC website nonstop, and then yesterday while the site was down I decided I would finally just go ahead and join. I'm extremely shy, so I don't know how much I will be posting to the forums or anything. Either way, I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to being a part of the community here

I made a "My Chickens" page here, so please do click through if you have a moment and would like to meet my flock!
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