Hello from WA

Winsor Woods

13 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Cascade Range in WA
Hello. Looks like I'm another newbie from WA.

I'm a fan of all birds and have wanted chickens for some time. My wife and I are in the process of getting our falconry licenses and will be getting our first falconry birds this fall (if everything stays on track with the red tape.)

I don't have chickens YET, but I just started building my coop this past week. Foundation is complete and I've got two walls built and installed. The exterior dimensions of the coop are roughly 11' x11'. I'm going to partition this off several ways. This structure will be a dual purpose building which will house pigeons in one area and chickens in another. I'll also be able to open or close a door to further section off the chicken area so I can keep layers separate from meat birds, and also to keep the brooders separate from the layers when I get to that point.

The pigeons will be the racing/homing pigeons and will mainly be used for training and feeding the falconry birds.


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