Hello from Washington State


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Olympic Peninsula
Stewickie is actually a husband/wife team...Stewart and Vickie. We moved from the city of Portland, OR and bought land on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state a couple of years ago in the hopes of becoming more self-sufficient. It certainly isn't as easy as we had hoped, but all of our city friends are green with envy. Our first foray into chickens began three months ago when we got eight chickens and five ducklings. They moved into our spare room and we are just now finishing up their outdoor pen/coops. Yes, we have a tendency to leap before we look.

Both of us love this site and feel it's time to commit and contribute. We currently have Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Aurancanas.....and Khaki Campbell ducks. Our family also includes 5 indoor/outdoor cats, one barn cat, one feral cat, many many tropical fish and a bee hive full of honey bees.
hello Stewickie! welcome from southeast Arkansas!

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