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Mar 13, 2009
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I have been lurking on this site for sometime now... And just decided to join. I found this site last year when I decided to get some laying hens. We got them from my boyfriends boss who had raised his chicks to egg laying age and then decided to thin down his flock. He has never gave me a confirmation on exactly what breed they are, but through research I think that they are the Red Star and Black Star breeds from McMurray Hatchery, bread for egg laying. Anyway, at the time I was living at my boyfriends parents house and since then we have bought a house, but I am leaving my ladies there with his parents and going to get a few more hens from my boyfriends boss. I would also like to add a pair of ducks to my flock for entertainment and to have some duck eggs.

Anyway, my now fiance is at home today building my new coop. I am a little nervous I am not there to supervise, but Im sure it will be awesome when its done.
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Dec 31, 2007
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Welcome Aboard! How far SW are you?

When you get a chance, pop in over at the "Washingtonians" Forum and introduce yourself too.

There is a show in Monroe a week from tomorrow. A search on BYC will give you more info on that too if you're interested.

What kind of ducks would you like?

God Bless,

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