Hello from Wasilla Alaska!


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Wasilla Alaska
28 chickens running around in Wasilla Alaska with another 75 to arrive in two weeks.

I've got Leghorns, RIR, EE, SLW, Anconas, and a few polish. Chicken math was never something I could do so
75 more should get the hen house a bit warmer in winter. :cdPLus the dropping are like gold here in the spring,
everyone wants them for the compost pile.

My original hens loved cleaning up the chickweed in the garden so this year I'm going to fence off a 200' x 75'
area for them to wander into anytime they want. (need to fence it as they're out in the open and the predators
would snack on them) The house is in the trees so they free range there as they have places to hide.

Lots of folks think we're crazy to have chicken in Alaska, it's really not that bad here. Chock it up to global warming if you want to claim that but we see the Midwest is always colder then we are in winter. It's in the 40's during the days now, freezes at night. (Yes, the hen house is insulated 20'x32')


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hey from Eagle River. Just got my first three last night (gold laced cochins, bantams). Good to hear they love chickweed because I have lots of that. Now if they like clover and moss, dandelions i won't have anything left thats green, LOL. The moss is mostly what makes my yard look green:lol:

More chickies on the way, chicken math got the better of me already as well.
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