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We got our first chickens two years ago. I always wanted bantam silkies. We went to a small animal auction. We did a walk through to look at the birds. We saw a big powder puff in a box. I told my husband I do not know what is but I want it. I did get it, turned out to be a rooster Frizzle. I also got 3 black bantam silkies that day.

A couple months later we got a hen Frizzle at a different auction. And that was the start of my chicken addiction

In spring my cousin gave each of my 3 step daughters a bantam cochin chick of their own. A friend gave each of them a day old quail and I got two pheasants - red-golden/lady amherst mix.

At present we have five roosters, 11 hens, 34 chicks, I hen pheasant, 15 adult quail, and 22 baby quail.

A friend is giving us two young turkeys and a new male pheasant.

We also have a cockateil, cat and five hermit crabs.

My twin step daughters want to join 4-H and raise birds for the fair.

We love watching and interacting with our birds. They each have their own unique personality. We have quite a few lap chickens. We have a sizzle hen my husband named Miss Kitty, she comes when you call "here kitty kitty kitty". My daughter Heathers chicken, Trouble, flies up on your arm for treats, she is very spoiled and will not leave you alone until she gets her treats. It is amazing how smart they can be.

My hen pheasant Cleo, likes to hatch and raise chickens. This year she decided to steal one of the chickens nest box complete with one hatched chick and two eggs. She hatched the other two eggs. I have put the mothers of all my chicks back in the general population because they started laying again and I have tried to separate the two chicks (hatched in June) from Cleo because they are in with all the older birds, but all they do is cry at the door and she paces on the other side. Last year I sold her three frizzle (chicken) chicks and one we incubated at a rummage sale. The guy picked them up in a brand new camero. They called this spring and wanted more, I must have done something right. I did not have any to sell and had not planned on hatching any this year because we were moving and our birds were moving to a different location, but I had a broody hen so I told him that I would let her set. Well then everyone wanted to set and the musical nest box game was on. What a mess! A lot of the coop was dismantled and I was not prepared for all the chicks hatching continuously and the family feuds, but we got through it. I gave the man in the camero 21 chicks in early July still have 34 left. Now I have decide which ones to keep. It so hard to choose!! I have some of the coolest and friendliest rooster chicks and we already have too many roosters.
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