Hello from Yorkshire, England!


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May 30, 2017
Yorkshire, UK

I've been lurking for a while now so thought it was about time I joined!

I've owned chickens off and on all my life, and now have a have a small free-range flock in my garden including Marans and Cream Crested Legbar crosses - I love the pretty chocolate and pastel blue coloured eggs in the kitchen!

I have a broody Marans at the moment with some Swedish Flower Hen eggs under her, so I'm hoping to increase the flock soon too and hoping the enthusiasts of SFH here will help as I learn about the breed.

Apart from my hens I also have Maine coon cats, Salukis and a Greyhound. With my husband I'm in the process of renovating an 18th Century stone farmhouse and it's garden, just to keep me busy ;)

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Aug 26, 2009
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Welcome to Backyard chickens. Glad you got to meet Yorkshire Coop. I think Salukis are such neat dogs. I recall one a few years back at Westminster KC show - absolutely gorgeous. Many years ago used to breed & show Cockers. Many, many dog folks on BYC, breeders, trainers, handlers, search & rescue teams etc.

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC, from another Tyke - great that you have joined us. Please make yourself at home here with us.

Best wishes


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Dec 9, 2016
Greetings! A fellow Brit here!
I have a small but growing flock of silkie chickens and a vastly multiplying Chinese painted quail horde. I would say flock, but due to their monogamous natures unlike other quail, it is best I keep them in pairs if possible in their own enclosures. :p

Thinking on building an aviary to put all the paired couples in outside, as they are less likely to fight compared to unpaired quail and will have more space. I know they can cope with the cold as a hen I brought was previously kept outside in a rabbit hutch and run with no issues.

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