Hello (Georgia)


May 13, 2015
Hey, my name is logan I farm for a living. Cotton and peanuts. And also have cows. Have always had a few chickens but was wanting to start raising a few pure bred. Mainly something for my wife to mess with. Not sure what breeds we are going to start with maybe a few old English bantams and maybe a few big birds. Any advice is appreciated!
Welcome to Backyard Chickens Logan! :welcome For your first bantam breed I recommend Silkies because they have the funniest personalities and are appealing to look at. If you are at all interested in rare breeds of large fowl, I recommend Rhodebars, because you can sex them as day old chicks with 100% accuracy, they lay tons of eggs, can be used for meat, the roosters are super docile and aren't aggressive to people, and are SUPER friendly! There is a reason my username is Rhodebar Lover :)
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