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7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
Applegate, California
Hi everyone, I'm Michelle and am a new chicken owner from Citrus Heights, about 30 mins outside Sacramento. This forum has been a LIFESAVER and I so appreciate all of the expertise that the veteran chicken raisers here bestow on us newbies. I also love reading the "identify the gender" threads to learn more about what all of the breeds/genders look like. It's addictive!

Well, I have a medium sized lot here in Citrus Heights, but hope in the next year or two to buy a few acres of land up in the Sierra foothills near Auburn or Placerville so I have room for a lot more chickens (and roosters!) It's my dream to have a little farm with some goats and maybe even a pig! Right now I settle for my five hens (and one rooster - surprise!), cats and two big doggies. The husband and I have a coop we built based on some posts from this site and we free range under supervision during the day. He's been supportive with my animal obsession though he doesn't really share my passion. I'm sure he'll be happier once we start getting some eggs. I'm a vegetarian and the reason I got my own chickens is so that I can eat eggs without supporting the terrible treatment of factory farm hens. Getting to know my chicks has been a true pleasure as they are surprisingly delightful to watch and I spend hours outside observing their antics! I'm glad I can give them the best chicken life possible...

I look forward to learning more from you all! Thanks :)
We just hatched 25 chicks, 10 days old, in our classroom. No one in the class can take the chicks......they are healthy......would you like to take them for free?
I just joined this site today too to see if I could find a home for our cute little ones. The students in my third grade class love these guys but right now they are in my living room and they really need a home.
Kevin, any thoughts about how to get someone to take these cute chicks. 25 in my living room are getting interesting.
Kevin, any thoughts about how to get someone to take these cute chicks. 25 in my living room are getting interesting.
Try rehoming in the BST trade section. Also if you put them on craigslist they will probably go fast.
Unfortunately I'm maxed out on chicks for my little backyard (don't have the dream farm yet!). I hope you find a home for them thought! That's a neat idea for a project but it's too bad nobody was willing to take them home after!

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