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My name is Peldyn and I am waiting for my husband to make my new coop so I can get chickens. I have not had them since a child and I am afraid that I have forgotten the little bit I knew about them. As a total newbie I could use advice on what types are good around dogs, cats, grandkids, like desert heat and are good layers. I don't plan on having more than maybe 4 and want to be able to maybe play with them like pets. Is that possibly asking too much? LOL!
go to "where am I, where are you," to find your state. I think you would get the best answers from someone living in your climate. I know people in Arizona who have to have air conditioning in the coop, and misting hoses outside etc. I can't imagine any chicken doing well in such heat but, obviously some do. Apparently chickens also survive in Alaska.

It is possible to have chickens that make great pets, the tiny Serama breed started as house pets in Malaysia. Silkies are another breed often kept as pets. But, I don't think either would survive great heat or cold outdoors. There are vendors on here that make and sell diapers for chickens
My neighbours all have chickens so I know they can be had out here. I just want to be responsible and not just get any old breed. The people next to me have a rooster that is quite the crower, LOL. I could ask them what kind they have, but theirs are not pets.
Oh goodness! I bit the bullet and bought a coop! We have plans coming in the mail, so we are going to use those to make a chicken tractor. I am sooo excited! By next week I should have a place for chickies! Talked with a neighbour that has a rooster that runs around with their chihuahuas and thinks he is a dog, LOL! Now to decide what type. She recommended "Bantys" as she called them. What say you?
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