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Jun 19, 2022
Hello everyone, I was looking for suggestions for chicken coops. I am only allowed 4 chickens and I am looking for suggestions. I have looked on Amazon, Tractor Supply, Wayfair and Lowes. It seems like the biggest complaints (I have a habit of looking at the worse reviews first) are the inexpensive materials used for the coops. I have no building skills so I can't make one myself so with the complaints being the coops need this or that I am a bit confused and worried. Any suggestions? Chickens are coming within a couple weeks. Thank you in advance.
Welcome to BYC! Most people opt to build their own coop (or have someone build one for them) because the prefab ones are expensive for what you get and are small. A simple, rustic coop doesn't take as much carpentry skills as you might think. If you are willing to transport a coop, sometimes folks will get rid of their old ones.
Welcome to BYC. Generally such coops are poor quality, and not designed to hold the number of birds that they suggest. Any chance of getting an Amish made coop or shed to convert?
Ive not looked into the Amish. I live pretty far from the closet community so I am not sure how I would get one to my location. I don't have a vehicle big or strong enough to get one home.

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