Hello! I'm Faye!


Dec 30, 2015
Hello All! My name is Faye (aka KaboodleMum) and I'm a novice chicken owner from wales in the UK. I'll be honest, my partner looks after the chickens, not me, but, I'm pretty good at using a computer and looking for research so he does the mucky stuff and I help him by reading about chickens and sharing the information with him.
We have 3 Hens, they're called Charlie, Meg and Ruby and initially they lived out our back garden. We loved having them here, but one or two of them started getting very noisy, especially during the early hours, often screeching for about an hour just as the sun was coming up. After a while, the early mornings were really getting to us as a family so we moved the hens over to an allotment that my partners parents own.

I was sad to see them go but it meant that we, and our neighbours, we able to stay in bad later than 4am!

My partner visits the girls each morning and afternoon on his way to and from work and it's worked out well, the hens are doing great.

We're just about to expand the coop and add in some more perches and stuff!

Anyway, aside from having three chickens, we also have 3 cats and a dog! We have a child too!

Right, I'm off anyways :) I'm going to go exploring around the world of BYC!
Hi and welcome to byc - hope your area has escaped the flooding we have seen elsewhere in our little island.

Welcome to the BYC flock! We are glad you joined us!


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