Hello! I'm new here and have a sick hen

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    Nov 16, 2015
    I recently lost a hen but did not know why. She had diarrhea, lethargy, stopped eating/drinking and would stay in the coop with her feathers all puffed up. :( I started my whole flock on Corid after she passed hoping that was the culprit. Well, they have finished 5 days of Corid and today I noticed another hen acting lethargic. I picked her up and she was VERY skinny. She was just starting to grow her feathers in from a molt. Do you think this is what has caused her to lose so much weight and be so lethargic. I feed a 16% protein layer crumble, she free ranges, has access to oyster shell, ACV in their water and occasionally garlic to boost their immune system. I give then oatmeal occasionally on cold mornings with molasses added and sunflower seeds once or twice a week alternated with cracked corn as a treat. Sooooo..... what am I doing wrong?? Please help! I don't think she will make it another day. She nibble at food but then quits eating. She will drink some tho.
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    What happened with your hen?

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