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8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
I have 4 chickens, not sure what breed they are though and 3 ducks. I have 2 redish colored chickens with black tips on their tail feathers and 2 black chickens which have alot of white specks in their black feathers.. my question is what age do they start to lay eggs? I bought them when they were just a few weeks old and have had them for about 4 months now.. and yes they are all hens..
Post pix in the "what breed forum" and BYCers will help you figure it out. The red ones could be Rhode Island Reds, no clue on the black ones.
They could start laying any time now. It is usually 20-24 weeks, but can vary greatly.


They'll start laying at about 6 months, the reddish ones will lay earlier because from your description, they sound like either production reds or rhode island reds.
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from the Finger Lakes of New York! Our reds started laying at about 18 weeks, but it is hard to know without knowing the breed. Glad to have you aboard! You are gonna love it here.
I called where i bought them from and found out what my chickens are, 2 are Silver Laced Wyandotte Dot and 2 are production reds
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Welsh Harlequin.. thats what my ducks are called.. cant believe it took me this long to figure out what the ducks and chickens were, lol duh (pick up the phone and call where I bought them from).... <------- never thought of that till today..

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