Hello, I'm OBTC. :)


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
And my first incubated chick hatched today. And three others. I guess you could say I "hand hatched" one because he was weak and getting dry. He was screaming but didn't have any strength left. And then an egg pipped on the wrong side, I have been expanding the hole and wetting it throughout the day waiting for him to pop out. :) It's a lot of anxious work, and the worst part is that I probably did it too soon... the membranes were bleeding...
they are alive though and the one who was too weak is running around with his siblings now, getting dried off.

I love chicks. :) I actually raise rabbits, that's my whole main thing. I raise and breed French Lop rabbits but also have been enjoying the hatching experiment. Out of a dozen eggs I am positive that at least 5 are alive, not horrible for my first time, but I still feel kind of bad. Right now I am listening to the joys of peepin' "chiks". :D

Thanks guys! I'vebeen busy for the past 3 days! Unfortunately we lost one chick, but the 5 others are doing wonderfully! So, 6 in total hatched. :)

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