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6 Years
Jun 27, 2013
I've been here reading info off and on, and will probably be a lot more now. We just got a small farm here in Central Kentucky, and I am planning to build a chicken coup in about a month. ( Have to fix some other things first. ) I've been checking into what type would best suit my needs, how many, proper feed, ideas for a coup, care etc... My better half raised chickens when she was younger, so it is easy for her, but I am new to this and trying to learn everything I can.

I'm thinking it would be best to start out with three or four, and I'm leaning towards the Foghorns for White eggs, and Rhode Island Reds for brown eggs.I don't know about the Leghorns though, since everyone says they're so flighty. I want a decent white egg producing type, but am still looking into the others. I'm pretty certain the Rhode Island Reds are what I want for the brown eggs. Still checking into the coup designs, as the farm is in an area with a lot of coyotes and fox, We have already seen three fox, in about three to four weeks. They weren't on our land, but a few miles away while driving out there. I know seeing a fox is pretty rare, so seeing three in the general area makes me think I better make the coup pretty sound. Anyway, those are my thoughts, and just wanted to say hi.
Greetings from Kansas, Berlkley, and
! Happy you joined us! Leghorns and RIRs are both great to get you going. On your coop make sure you invest in hardware cloth rather than chicken wire. Beside foxes, raccoons, coyotes, and dogs can penetrate chicken wire pretty easily. Good luck to you!
Hello from Oklahoma. There are a lot of helpful topics on this site. I have 8 hens, they share an 8' X 12' X 6" enclosed pen. I will be expanding soon so as to be able to rotate where they can scratch around much like how cattle are rotated. I had a flock of 7 a year ago that were all killed when a stray dog ripped through the enclosure one night (the dog didn't make it either after my wife woke me). I've found that a base of 2 X 4 fencing with the smallest PVC coated chicken wire on top of that is very strong. The PVC coated wire is more expensive, but I feel it's worth it.

The house is a 2 story with access to the bottom from outside. The whole thing is a work in progress. My wife likes the chickies too, but she does a good job of keeping my "chicken empire" reigned in. : )
Thanks everyone. About the coup. I have some extra chain link, and some of the 2x4 farm fencing that were left on the property. I was thinking about using that, and chicken wire. I was going to wrap it all with the chicken wire, and then wrap it with the other fence to make it stronger. I think I will check into something stronger then chicken wire now though. I'm still going to go with the same plan I think / One row of the smaller coated wire, or the other stronger wire, and another layer of the fencing for extra security. My other half said foxes will even try to bite the chickens through the chicken wire and sometimes nip them through it. So, I'm trying to make it as safe as I can for them.

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