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May 31, 2020
Hello, nice to be here. I am not new to chickens, but still don't consider myself a really experienced chicken girl, there is always something surprising and new to learn, and often to deal with, and i hope I might find more help here. I am an artist who does art therapy here on the property and in our community, and we have a small backyard flock of 6 sweet girls that sits next to the meditative labyrinth. The chickens have delightfully become a wee part of my work with younger clients when they come for art therapy and typically they get to name them (which is always interesting- ie Jeff). My husband is from farm family and built us a beautiful coop for both sun and shade, he is handy and clever like that. Living on the west coast, our best idea was to put a covered shed with countertops and storage right next to the coop for year round, dry, easy cleaning, hen checks, and an attached wee chick crib for newbies and such. Chickens are interesting critters and easily become an obsession.

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