Hello, my name is Christine and I am a new chicken owner with questions!


Apr 25, 2015
Gosh, I'm nervous just being here. You all know your stuff!

I have helped look after a large flock of chickens at my daughter's old school for about a year now. We have recently acquired 4 of our own chickens and just found out that 2 of them are boys!!! They are all about 15 weeks old.

One, a strutting cock-doodle-do-ing black araucana will be returning to the school flock on Friday. The other a beautiful, gentle, affectionate ayam cemani will be staying. He and my daughter have bonded...

we also have a lavender araucana crossed with something else
And a bluebell cross. I am really hoping these are both girls.

Here they are:




Here is Poppy our ayam boy


And Rose, who has an even worse name for a cockerel than Poppy does


We all live in North Wales.

Oh, and I am Christine.

Hello :)
Welcome to BYC. An ayam cemani! What a lucky little girl. The first two look like pullets to me so far, though a full body shot of the first where you can see the tail end would be helpful.
Hello Christine, welcome to BYC! :woot

Your flock looks beautiful!
Wow, I thought Ayam Cemani were a rare breed, it's amazing that you own one!!

If you have any questions, just ask!
Thank you, Isobel! I had no idea about ayam when we got her, I just thought, "ooh, cute all black chick". The school head (they have a huge flock of free range chickens) told me it was an ayam cemani and that they were quite rare (he breeds a few himself). He is the sweetest chicken I've ever met. So fond of cuddles and dotes on my 11 year old. Will try and find a better pic of Lavender now.

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