hello my name is pat and i live in essex england


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
i have 3 bantams a silky apekin and a wellsummer am new to hen keeping and only have a small free run as well as a enclosed coup am worried about not being able to keep the ground rotated any suggestions on keeping it sanitised .my hens are supposed to be 6 mnths old and we have had them for a month any help please
Welcome to BYC! I am a new member too but I have been getting valuable information from here for almost a year! Great place!
Lots of knowledge people so I know you will find out the best way to take care of your chicken area.

I don't know the best way... I just rake my small area and recover it with very fine pine shavings. If the ground needs more help than that, I sprinkle lime powder in the soil to help break down the waste. I mix it in before I place the shavings.

There is an article on here about using sand but I don't know about that being best.


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