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8 Years
May 23, 2011
Hello Everyone...So I am brand new to all of this. On Friday May I put 10 bantam eggs into the incubator. Have been watching them like a hawk, turning them 3 to 4 times a day. This evening I am pretty sure that one of the children turned the temp dial down,
when I noticed it was at about 85, it wasn't there that long. I had just checked it maybe a half and hour before and it was at 100. I was so upset I was crying. Is this going to effect anything? Then once I turned it up, it possibly got up to 103, I think now I have it back stable at almost 100. Advice from anyone would be greatly helpful. Thanks to all

The good news is that your eggs will most likely be fine. Many people have had power outages where temp went way lower than you experienced for extended periods of time and had decent hatches. It is possible they will hatch a little later than expected though. You should know more when you candle in a few days.
Advice? You got it stable, they'll probably be fine. A broody hen gets off and on, so the temp/humidity cycles all the time. Sometimes I have high percentage hatching, sometimes not.
from Louisiana , I don't think you have anything to worry about , I am sure there are times in a live setting that the temp may fluctuate . You say it occurred for a few minutes or so , I would not fret over it one bit and just keep looking forward to the day you become a Momma again .
from Alabama. They'll most likely be fine. Last month one of our incubators & the turner were accidentally unplugged for at least a day. Out of the eggs in it, I ended up having 100% hatch rate with our own eggs & 55% & 14% (the 14% ones went through some very rough shipping) hatch rate with the shipped eggs. Good luck & hope you have a great hatch
Thank you all. I am feeling better now. I had planned on candling on Friday, could it be done sooner? Friday would be 7 days.

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What color are the eggs? With brown eggs, I don't remove any of them until 10 days. That's the soonest I can feel sure that the eggs aren't developing. If they're white, you can easily tell at 7 days.

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