Hello - new from northern California - and first year with chickens


9 Years
Nov 15, 2012
Northern California
I and working someone's garden this year in northern california, sierra foothills and decided to try chickens for help :) - got 2 straight runs ... 51 chicks ...30 roos .... and i love them all - but i simply cannot keep them all ...they are very healthy (sandhill preservation stock), friendly, heat tolerant. so - i am trying what i can to not have them be someone's dinner. i hope this is ok to say in the intro post.free to a good home - good for breeding if you need new blood

they all need a new home - blue andalusian, sicilian buttercup, golden polish

needs a new home - golden polish (and 3 more)

sicilian buttercup

buff catalana babies

and many more

communal bath - mixed flock :) love them all

blue andalusian (blue) and 3 more (2 black and 1 splash)
Hi! You have beautiful looking birds, but what a lot of roos! Unfortunately, there is often an overabundance of roosters, so placing in a home as opposed to a freezer can be difficult.

A friendly hint: BYC would like sale posts to be in the buy-sell-trade section of "Forums" on the menu bar. There is a special section there for free rehoming also. (Don't be surprised if a moderator contacts you about this.)

California - Northern is a great thread with lots of activity and many neighbors in your area. These folks are very supportive and might be able to offer other helpful suggestions. You might try posting here with a reference to this post or whatever buy-sell-trade post you create. You can also reference your ad in your signature line, which will appear with all your posts. Add your signature line in "My Profile".

Welcome to BYC and best of luck finding homes for your boys!
Greetings from Kansas, ChicksandWeeds, and
! Great to have you hear but sorry to hear about your rooster dilemma. I agree with the advice of Wish4Wings. Hope you can find them good homes!
Hello and welcome to BYC
Good luck with rehoming your roosters!

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