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Sep 22, 2009
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I am reading and researching EVERYTHING here on BYC. I have a coop picked out that I want to get built & put together, I am going to use the deep litter method, seems it would best suit our lifestyle. I have gone to the breed section to see which breed would be the best for our neighborhood, I want a friendly, easy to handle, calm, quiet, docile that bears confinement well and is a high to medium producer that lays med or large brown eggs that tolerates all climates as I live here in Northwest Indiana and I noticed there are several breeds to choose from my next step is to find who sells them, I would like to buy local as I don't want a chick, I am looking for 2 little bit older hens (possibly already laying), almost considering farm animal rescue groups, not sure about that though, I think I would prefer to find a farmer somewhere around here that I could possibly buy from. I love this idea of backyard chickens, we have grown our own vegetables in our BY garden for years, the coop will go nicely next to the garden by the big evergreen. I cannot wait! MMMM fresh eggs!

Farm store, here I come!
from SW Indiana! Glad you've joined us!
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from WI. Sounds like you did your homework!! Good for you! I also wanted to get my chickens as close to home as possible and wanted to start out with chickens but maybe 2 - 3 weeks old so they would be less vulnerable (in the hands of a total newbie....). I also wanted heritage breeds if possible. Took some searching but I found what I wanted not to far from here and also the reassurance from the seller that I could exchange any (accidental) roo for a girl if needed and he would not become stew....(I would have felt guilty
). So check around, I'm sure you'll find some nice chickens
Thanks to all of you for the welcomes, I was just over researching the breeds and I think I have it narrowed down to the Sussex breed. Just seems like everything I am looking for in a chicken. I googled it and looked in wikpedia for more descriptive info, I think this is the breed for me to start with. If anyone here already own this breed I would love to hear your experiences with them. Gonna start my coop tomorrow.
I look forward to being more active here on the boards as I progress in my new adventure.


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