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Aug 8, 2021
I guess this is my intro post, I started my mini chicken farm a couple summers ago when I became a stay at home parent. We have a variety of chickens and ducks at the moment. Lost some and gained some. We have 3 easter eggers, a golden pride, an amber white, all two years old. I recently got some 4-6 week old chicks which is looking like 2 may be roos so far. Ayam cemani roo, and fibro easter egger roo(maybe). swedish hedamora, cochin and maran, and then last week got 4 more chicks a color pack special, a light brahma, a lavender orpington and a cuckoo maran. We also have a blue indian runner drake, and 4 females a khaki campbell, a fawn and white runner, a welsh harlequin and a muscovy. I love my flock!! I have a dog who is young and naughty, almost a year old.( she got 2 of my older chickens) and 8 cats indoor/outdoor that help keep the rodent population down. I dream of moving to a farm with acreage so I can expand my flock!!

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