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Jul 22, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Hi everyone,

My name is Tammy and I'm from Perth, Western Australia. I have just joined the forum today after every question that I google about chickens seems to bring me to this forum for answers. I am a first time chookie owner. I have wanted chickens for over 10 years since moving to a five acre property. My hubby was always hesitant as he thought the chickens would encourage snakes to come to the property.

After much persuasion, my clever hubby finally built me a beautiful coop and pen and we purchased our first chickens (around 5-8 weeks old) on 30th April. We have 18 chickens in total. I didn't know I could love them so much. They are certainly addictive!!! (I have to say that even the hubby seems to love them as well - haha). I have spent a lot of time googling for information as this is all new to me and I have so much to learn.

We had a lot of excitement in our household a week ago as I found our first egg in one of the nesting boxes. The hubby thought we had a fox or snake in the pen as I came running back to the house screaming and yelling in excitement - haha.

I have a couple of questions that I am hoping there may be someone that can assist me with. We have just discovered that one of our "girls" has grown into a boy. He is a light sussex. I have four chickens that I am trying to work out if they are hens or roos. I will start a thread with some photos when I learn how to do that and see if anyone can help me out. I am also wondering if it is okay to have a light sussex rooster with a caramel pekin or whether there is a good chance that he might hurt her re the size difference. If anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps,

Thanks heaps for your help

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