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Aug 6, 2021
We are new to chickens. We bought our house in Hattiesburg in May, and it already has a chicken run attached to a barn. So we decided to get some chickens. I had some growing up. Locally, we couldn’t find any chicks except for at Tractor Supply without having to order online. The chicks were about a week old when e got them. We have 5 chicks. We are not exactly sure what kind. One is quite distinct from the rest. I think it may be a Black Australop. The others may be Mystic Onyx. The lady at Tractor supply said they were all Dominique, but I see large differences between Dominique chicks and ours. We also don’t know if they are male or female yet. If they are roosters, we don’t think we will keep them. We are not looking for making babies, just laying eggs…

We will be building a coop/house next weekend for them to move into next month.

My husband and I have three kids ourselves, going into 6th, 2nd, and 1st grade. They love our chicks. We don’t have any other pets at the moment, beside Bob the fish.

i found this website because of all the questions I had about chickens :D

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