Hello... new to chicks and need some help


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Mar 23, 2009
Hi Everyone!
I am new to everything related to chicks and chickens.
I am in desperate need of some help.
I have a portrait studio and decided to do a event with chicks and ducklings.
My sister lives on a farm two hours away and said she'd take them when I was done and raise them. I researched as much as I could and then went to orshelens to purchase my chicks and duck. Problem was the guy at the store said it was easy to take care of them since I'd only have them one week. I trust his judgement and boy was I wrong. He told me to put the chicks and duckling I'd bought in a crate together and they'd be fine.
He told me to clean out the crate twice a day, well I have been.
Now it's two days from my portrait sessions and the chicks are filthy. I called a few times and asked what to do. I kept being told they'd clean themselves. They haven't and still aren't. My chicks have about an inch and half tall legs and have some feathers. They are the california white I believe is what they are called. I know they can't be bathed obviously but what do I do to clean them up? The problem is the duck has been pottying so much that the chicks are climbing all over and under him and have gotten it on themselves. Their bottom halfs are what's the worst. I tried wiping them off with a slightly damp warm wash cloth but it's not really helping. The duck loves to clean himself and is fine but the chicks... not so much.
I'll only have these guys for about four more days before they go to the farm but I need them cleaner.
Any suggestions?
Also.. I don't live on a farm so no brooderies. (not sure on spelling)


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Dec 28, 2007
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Well, I don't know about ducks, but if it's the ducklings poo that is making the chicks dirty, then your best bet would be to separate them. That would mean that you would have to have two separate heat lamps, and brooders. (boxes or whatever you are using). Once you have separated them, clean the chicks as you have been doing, and they will also clean themselves a bit. make sure they have fresh wood shavings for the poop to mix in with, and you can also offer them a perch--a tree branch or something for them to roost on--to keep them off of the ground and therefore out of the poop. Don't have it too high off the ground though as they are just young.

That's about all I can think of.

good luck!


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Mar 23, 2009
Thank you so much!
I will go get the shavings and find a perch today!

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Glad to have you here!
Have you used the "Search" feature here yet? That can be really helpful to find tons of great information right away.


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