Hello, newbie chicken keeper here (waves)

Aug 28, 2019
Somerset UK
Hello Everyone,

I'm Lorraine and I am not ashamed to say that I got the bug. The chicken keeping bug. We have had our girls for 4 days and I LOVE them so much already.

I can't wait to see my colourful egg basket growing from our 5 gorgeous girls. We have:

Lola - Silkie
Skittles - Silver Laced Wyandotte
Pearl - Easter Egger
Midnight - Olive Egger
Bluebell - Lavender Araucana

All girls are between 20 - 23 weeks old and so far we have (since and including Sunday) we have been getting an egg a day from our sweet silkie.

I can't wait to get clucking, I mean chatting, with you all :)

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