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Hi all i have just stumbled accross this website what a wonderful place, i have 4 eggs in my incubator im on day 16 just candled them saw large air sacks and alot of black really!! two of my eggs seem to ave changed shape gone more round like large golf balls also seem heavier than the others is this normal? Hope to get to know you all along my hatching journey! x
Hi! This is a great place! I have never heard of eggs actually changing shape so sorry no help from me on that one. Good luck on your hatch!

Your eggs themselves shouldn't change shape but it is normal for the shadows in side to enlarge. As for them getting heavier thats not right. They should be getting lighter due to water loss as the embryo grows.

I would be worried that they are going off. Keep smelling them to make sure as exploding eggs are not pleasant.
Oooh thanks for that i have smelt them but they dont seem to smell!! The round ones are the heavier oh nooo i couldnt bare an explosion i just read the post about the exploding egg eekkk!!!

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