hello newbie to backyard chickens

Robins chickens

6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Hello I have 5 beautiful chickadees they had there first lay on thursday a total of 6 eggs& 2 yesterday and 4 today but one of the egg shell was soft is there I anything I need to give the chickens to help with 5he soft shell?
Hi ya Robins chickens

tis a great spot here with lots of helpful folk

i'm a newbie to, at this but i did find this here re soft first eggs

it seems it's common ,my girls first few eggs were the same but now there grand

folk here are chatting about oyster shell and other ideas

enjoy it here you'll love it

Health and happiness
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Welcome to BYC
Soft shell eggs are often seen with new layers who are still getting the hang of egg laying. Just make sure they get fed a good quality layer feed and/or offer them some crushed oystershell or eggshell on the side, so they can help themselves when they feel they need a calcium boost.
Welcome! I'm too new to have any advice, we haven't gotten our first egg yet, but wanted to wish you good luck.

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