Hello Peeps from a New Chicken Momma


8 Years
May 25, 2011

I'm Chris. I live in PA and got talked into raising chickens by my 6 year old son and his doting grandparents. Amazingly, I am a natural mother hen and have become very fond of my "girls."

We did lots of research on this site and others, bought our supplies, prepared a brooder then headed to Tractor Supply Store to buy 6 peeps. Our initial intent was to get 4 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Americauna's. We definitely wanted cold hardy, friendly, easy going, good layers who would not be very broody. Brown eggs were important to some of the voting members of our family as well. We have a small, unfenced yard and won't be able to have them range freely. We've built a large coop with a big run and are considering moving them out of the brooding area in the garage and into their coop this week.

We ended up bringing home 6 "Golden Comets." The were born on Good Friday. We bought them the next day. Since these are hybrids of Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites, they can be sexed immediately (from what we are told). So we think we have 6 pullets. They were all golden with brownish stripes on their backs when we got them. The cockerels of this breed are solid white (allegedly). I say that because my son is convinced one of them HAS to be a rooster. He has invented all kinds of tests to determine sex. My two favorite so far are: dangling a pink and a blue ribbon into the brooder and telling the chickens to peck the appropriate color. Even funnier than that is the fact that all of them pecked the pink ribbon. Yes, our chickens are geniuses!! (Not bragging, just stating the obvious.) But any mother of a determined 6 year old knows that a little thing like that didn't convince him that they are all pullets. Test #2 involved getting his "Chicken and Egg" book from the library and reading it to the chicks. When he was done, he very seriously instructed them to peck the picture of either hen or the rooster. , "Eagle's" the only one who follows directions and she says she's a hen.
Every day, Daniel, my son, points out how BIG their combs are getting and works on convincing me that one of the two biggest girls is actually a rooster. What fun!

So the pullets are 5 1/2 weeks old. I have several questions that I will post eventually, but I'm getting ready to post one about "Daniella." Our sickly looking girl. I have read many of your posts already and look forward to hearing from you all and getting to know you.

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