Hello to all memebers !


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8 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Good Morning to all members of this unique forum. I would like to introduce myself and say that I am glad to be a new member. This is all quite interesting. I got into the chicken business last spring because of my grandchildren. We were at the local farm store and they faneggled me into getting them each a baby chick,which of course would be living with me. Well, needless to say I was hooked. Every time I went back to the farm store I was drawn to the baby chicks. The next chicken I bought was offered to me by the store manager for $1.00 as she was the only one left of her breed . Thus Layla (an Easter Egger ) was brought into the gang.What can I say, I felt sorry for her . From there I bought a few more bringing my flock to 12. I was then enticed by my grandson to visit the farm store again . Let's see if they have any more chickens left Grandma.. That is how I ended up with Salt (a white sultan silkie)and Pepper (a black cochin cockerel) . I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is crazy about their birds. My children (all grown) say I have replaced them with the chickens. Well, I say there could be worse things. Looking forward to learning more and reading the information that everyone posts.


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Jan 19, 2011
San Pablo, CA
Welcome from Northern California.
Isn't it interesting how chickens multiply. My wife and I decided to get six laying hens a few years ago. Only six because that's all the room we have. Yeah, right…
we now have 25 and looking at getting a few more this spring.


The Chickeneer
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Jun 2, 2010
El Dorado County, California
Good morning and welcome to BYC! I see you have been infected with what is known around here as "chicken math". Chicken math is best defined as "The intention to get 2 or 3 chicks and ending up with a whole flock and an incubator and a brooder box and starting to consider growing your own chicken feed and consider opening a poultry business of your own, specifically so you can get MORE chickens." Is that pretty accurate to what has happened to you? If so, come on in the water's fine, and we're all in this pool together. Hehehe.

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