Hello with imprinted chick

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Mar 19, 2017
Troutville VA
I have a 2 day old Muscovy that has imprinted.

Background, this is the second hatching back to back for two adult momma's sharing the nest.

First hatch had probably 20 eggs, only one surviving chick. Too hot temperatures and no moisture I believe was the issue. First time mom's.

Mom #2 layed several days after mom#1 in same nest.

After 4 successful hatches, they abandoned the nest. 24 hours later I went to remove the eggs assuming they were no longer viable. I heard peeping.

I hurried and got the eggs into the incubator.

Most were lost due to shrink wrapping or abandonment.

The one peeping hatched and was reunited with momma's.

One chick was lively but it took 8 days for it to hatch. (Assuming mom#2 layed it later into the nest)

I had to assist in the last stage but all was well in the end.. EXCEPT, the duck appears to have imprinted to me. Not sure how or why because I didn't handle after hatching.

I tried reuniting with momma's less than 24 hours later but no go. I try multiple times per day yesterday and today, no go. They won't have it and it runs to me. They are aggressive towards it when forced.

Any suggestions. I really really need to try to show this duck it's a duck not a human. It needs duck skills etc.

I have helped several hatch or after hatch with splay legs etc. And have never had this issue.

Thank you for any suggestions...
Sorry about your hatchings - we had a similar season.

You might not have to raise them, but you will need to get them through the first couple of weeks as a solo hatchling which can be challenging in itself.

What set up have you got for them ? And what are you feeding / supplementing with ?

I hope all is going well with this little fighter !

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