Hello!! Working on building our homestead!


Jul 31, 2020
Hi there!! My name is Kelly. My husband and I, with our 2 daughters, bought our forever home on 11 acres about 3 years ago. Shortly after buying this place we bought chicks. 10 adorable chicks!! Of course, not thinking, I ordered 10 unsexed chickies. Guess how many roosters I had?! 🐓 7!!! Ugh!! I kept a rooster that was dominant yet gentle to tend to the hens and rehomed the rest (that was difficult - not many people want roosters 😅). This left us with a small, quaint flock of 4. What a comfortable starting point. Thinking that we had it in the bag, and things were going beautifully. A few months later we added 7 more chicks (specified hens). Our rooster was now the man to 10 lady hens ❤️
About a year passes and we find ourselves rescuing 2 more, than another, than 4 more. Wow!! What an amazing mix of Ameraucanas and Easter eggers, an Australorp, Plymouth Barred Rocks, a Columbian Wyandotte, and some Rhode Island Reds. My rooster has his work cut out for him!! My 1 rooster tends to 16 hens. And he's good at it 😉
Presently, I am trying my hand at ducks. 🦆 My father has been wanting some mallards for his pond. So, I ordered some females to brood for him. They have been so much fun!! I just had to order some for ourselves!! I didn't want mallards, I wanted a more friendly breed. And why not make it a mixed group. I ordered some Appleyards, a Buff, and a hybrid Pekin. I am supposed to get them next week!!!!
Eventually we are looking to expand with rabbit breeding and also want a couple of pygmy goats, mini donkey and/or a llama. I have a big dream of making this place a small learning/petting farm for children to come and learn about homesteading and raising fun farm critters. My daughters and I would like to hold a stand for vegetables, eggs, fresh cut flowers. My husband is into woodworking and has aspirations of selling his furniture/creations some day. It's always great to dream!! 🌈
I have been a quiet part of your backyardchickens community since I bought my first chicks in February 2020. I have learned so much throughout my ups and downs by searching specific questions within your forums. For so long I have been wanting to start introducing myself, to start asking my own questions and I have FINALLY done it!!
Thank you for reading my story!!


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