Dec 30, 2015
Heya! Newbie alert!

Our family is ready to start out chicken adventure!

I have three kids, two of which (6y and 4y) are extremely keen to learn about the process of egg to chicken. We have no experience of chicken keeping and Im sure we are biting off more than we can chew but when we set our mind to doing something we always fully commit! You've got to start somewhere right?!


We have friends who own a small holdings and they will be helping us along the way, and supplying us with fertile eggs but i would like to start with as much knowledge as physically possible before we 'crack on'!

Can anyone recommend a good quality incubator that allows us to watch the hatching process, ideally self turning as I am not 100% confident I would do it right, for 10 eggs?

Our small holding friends will be taking back any cockerels as we only want to keep hens, and we've got the living accommodation sorted but any advice on brooders would be greatly appreciated!

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