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Jan 13, 2016
Hello - I'm from London, England, just moved to the countryside in Wales...we've entered the world where people lend each other chainsaws not cups of sugar and sheep meander past rather than cars! We became really friendly with a local farmer who had a hen with 5 new chicks and a couple of other roaming flocks. Mummy hen was rescued after a fox killed her own mum and all but one of her siblings, then her chicks were being eaten by rats - one by one over night and being picked on by the others. It was breaking my heart so my husband sold his phone and bought a hen house, then built an extra run linked by a tube big enough for them to scamper through. We were told mum was quite violent and so we were planning to take the two chicks she had left when about 6 weeks old. But when we saw what an amazing mum she was, I couldn't bear to see them parted. She adores them and they her. So we brought them all home - the relief on mum's face was tangible on seeing the fresh hay and roost.

They have been such a source of delight to us at a very difficult time I can't say. Watching the early morning flutters as they charge from one run to the next, play in the tunnel etc. I'm learning everything from this web site - it's by far and away the best! :)

After looking at the site, and the swing, we made one out of a natural branch of wood and the chicks love to play on it and swing away - even going to sleep on it!

Mummy hen is now Roseanna, and daughter chick is Constance (constantly clingy to mum); the third is Kato after the character from the Pink Panther. It was obvious he was a little boy just from his boisterous, inquisitive behaviour - not that girls can't be those things of course! He kept being so cheeky - jumping on mum, launching off anything he could find, and leaping over anything else he could. The the brilliant red crest grew and a little croaky crowing when we let them out in the morning!

I never dreamt chickies could be so entertaining, loveable and loving. Even Roseanna squats down to have a cuddle and makes loving noises now - and our first two eggs came this week! Chicky mad - I totally get it!!! Hello!!!x


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Jan 10, 2013
so glad you have joined us.

Congratulations on your new flock and your first eggs.


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Dec 12, 2013

Thank you for such an interesting introductory post! It sounds like you and the chickens are a very good fit for one another. They sure can worm into a person's heart and they are so entertaining, nothing beats chicken tv. I see a lot more chickens in your future!

If you have questions, feel free to ask. There is a ton of information available here and a lot of friendly, helpful members.

It's nice to have you here!

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Love your intro and happy ending. Sounds like you were born to have chickens. So glad you joined us at Backyard chickens,

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