Aug 17, 2016
Southwest Michigan
Thanks for all the info already. I just got 7 hens and a rooster given to me 3 days ago. Heres my story.

So my neighbor asked if i wanted 6 chickens his friend needed to get rid of about a week ago. He has some and my daughter chases and carries them all over, shes 4. My 1 year old son loves them too so the wife and i agreed if they came with the coop we would take them. So Sunday he calls and says the coop comes with so off we went to pick them up. When we arrived it was 7 hens not 6 and they were separated with only 3 in the small coop we were getting. It was barely big enough for 3 let alone 7. But because we are great friends with our neighbors we still brought them home. Then the neighbor brings over a rooster he doesn't want giving us 8 total in a 4-6 sq ft coop with about 10sq ft run.

So i set about remodeling part of our shed to a bigger coop
4x7 with exterior accessible nest boxes.
I started building a run but they can easily get out and were going to let them free range so not worried about the run. The new coop is 2ft off the floor so i still have usable storage under there.

3 days of labor and the new coop is mostly done. Mr rooster and 3 hens are sleeping in it tonight. 4 hens were already in the old roost so i let them be. We had chickens when i was a kid, about 10. But dont really remember much other than the stupid rooster trying to attack me every morning until i ended him with a bat. My hide was sore for a month after that and i learned a very valuable lesson, you eat what you kill.

So we basically have 3 different flocks merging together. So far there haven't been many squabblings. 4 are leghorns and the others i cant remember but they are supposed to lay blue eggs. Pretty birds black and golden colors.

If mr rooster gets to be trouble he will be go into the pot but hes pretty gentle even with my 4 year old carring him around.

The leghorns were producing eggs but we figured with the move they would stop for a fee days. We did get about 2 eggs each day. Their suposed to be about a year old and the others are about 5 months i think. It was alot of info in a short amount of time. Lol.

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us and for your intro. You have most certainly done the right thing by converting part of your shed into a coop for them, and as you are free ranging, there should be few integration issues. Since the 3 flocks are familiar with each other already, and they are in a new home, integration should be even easier as no territories have been set. I'd suggest that the sooner they are all out and mingling together, the better. Having multiple feed stations will help reduce aggression. If you wish, you can read more on integration using this link -


The pullets that are supposed to lay blue eggs are likely to be Easter Eggers but feel free to post pics on this forum -
https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/15/what-breed-or-gender-is-this for confirmation.

All the best

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