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Mar 30, 2018
Hello everyone! I have been consulting this website for the past several months and decided it was about time that I actually registered! I am already thankful for this forum and for all of the wonderful advice and knowledge that I have already gotten from searching the site.

I am new to chickens: I am an organic vegetable (and cut flower) farmer in my second year of production on rented land. The land that I am renting this year (as of November 2017) came with a free-ranging flock of chickens. The deal is that my partner and I let the chickens in and out of the coop each day, feed them, water them, and collect the eggs, and the landowners own them and deal with things like coop maintenance, buying new chickens, buying feed, etc.

The flock started with about 35 chickens and 2 roosters. (Unfortunately that has diminished over the past few months due to several hawk attacks and another recent mysterious, significant predator attack which really prompted me to join this site.)

We have a mix of breeds - white, black, tan, speckled, all kinds that I do not yet know the names of.

I found out about Backyard Chickens because every time I looked for an answer to a chicken-related question on the Internet, I ended up looking through the answers on this site and found it really helpful.

I have really enjoyed the chickens and I truly love them. I do everything I can to keep them happy and healthy. They are like my "kids," along with my 5 cats and the ducks that live in our pond.

Thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful community! :)

Good luck with your gardening business this year! There are a lot of gardeners on BYC that you may wish to connect with (as well as a sister site: TheEasyGarden.com).

Free ranging does leave the chickens open to predator attacks (more so than keeping them in an enclosed run). Making the decision to free range is something each person has to decide for themselves if it's worth the risk. One thing that can help keep the birds somewhat safer when they are ranging is to have covered places they can run and hide in or under.

Best wishes to you and thanks for joining us!

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