In the Brooder
May 28, 2020
I have had chickens for about 1 1/2 years. A friend gave us two hens in the fall, then in the spring we bought four more chicks, one of which a rat got, we think. Then this spring we bought four more, two of which are staying with a friend's flock

We have 7 altogether in our yard. We have two leghorns, two New Hampshire reds, one Brahma, and two Australorps

Of course I love being able to gather the eggs each day, and they are just kind of fun to have around.

I sew and do other types of needlework. I have a little business making different items from upcycled fabrics, and I love to read.

I was raised on a farm, but have lived my entire adult life in the city. I've only had a chance to have a garden 9 of all those years, and this year I am learning about no-till gardening.
I just found BYC this evening, looking for an answer about how to train our two New chicks yo go into the coop at night.

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