May 28, 2020
Hello to all my new chicken friends. I am new to the chicken community, but have my veteran chicken loving sister to lean on for help and advice, as well as 2 dear friends that keep me supplied in cute little fluffy babies.
I have 4 Silkie girls ranging in age from 1-5 months, a bantam Cochin hen, Fiona and a rooster, Soufflé, (‘cause his nose looks like a soufflé that fell.) The Silkies are Onyx, Agate, Topaz & Diamond. (I’m sure everyone names their chickens, right?) They will all eventually live together in their own coop, which I am thinking about building myself.
I also have an enormous blue Cochin hen named Anastasia, because she is at least 50 shades of gray. She lives with the big birds in a really nice coop.
We all live in southern Virginia, in a very small town named Clover, where it can get pretty hot in summer but not so cold in the winter. I’m on a farm out in the country with fox, coyote, raccoon and every now and then, a black bear.

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