Jun 6, 2020
Hello, all. My name is Lena. “Donna Feeda DaBoids” is a little joke, that I hope makes sense. I live in a small country town, in Australia. Population of almost 4000.. so nice big backyards, far apart enough not to have to worry so much about the noise of my boys. I have a flock of 5 jap quails: Quincy, Mocha, SnowMan, Latte and SaltShaker. They all look like what they’ve been named after :D Love learning new things about them. They all have such different personalities. 4 out of 5 like me playing ukulele for them. 3 of them LOVE being petted on the back of the head or neck. 2 in particular really like cucumber 🥒 and Quincy, will make love to anything soft or fluffy. Despite not being in the presence of a female! I had never seen anything like it, before him. Usually right after he gets a wif of my pheromones, or my partners dirty socks, he’ll dive onto the socks, beanie, teddy bear or even the mop and (wings out) he starts thrusting away like there’s no tomorrow. Has anyone else ever seen this in birds before?

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