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Apr 28, 2020
Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Hello! I have been wanting to have a small chicken flock for years - and then when Covid-19 depleted our local grocery stores of eggs, my husband jumped on board with the idea! We got our first 5 ready-to-lay hens a little over a week ago and have been loving every minute of them!!
We have:
2 Azure, named Lady and Kentucky Fried
1 Black Sex Linked named Dragon
1 Columbian Rock X named Henrietta
1 Barred Plymouth Rock named Nugget.

We built our coop in the back of our giant shed (and the run is still a work in progress, but currently use-able for the ladies, and made everything large enough to add a few more birds down the road....because I've heard about chicken math! I already know the breeds I would like to add next spring!!

We've dealt with some pecking already, some soft eggs - currently the only eggs we've been able to keep are from our Azure girls...not sure if they are both laying or just one right now...patiently awaiting our first brown egg that is keepable!

My kids, 4 and 6, absolutely love our ladies (as does our labrador...but don't worry, they are safely stowed away from our bird-dog!!) . I can't wait for all the lessons these hens will teach our kids!

IMG_9087.JPG IMG_9086.JPG IMG_8996.JPG IMG_8992.JPG IMG_8991.JPG IMG_8929.JPG IMG_8912.JPG IMG_8906.JPG 62190079025__50FF25AE-92E4-4BD9-AA14-036809FC7594.JPG IMG_8897.JPG

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