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Sep 28, 2020
Welcome to BYC. So Egg-cited you join this very knowledgeable group. Hopefully someone can help you with your Coyote problem before it decides to kill more of your chickens as the weather turns colder. It would be good to post something about your location as it is very helpful to understand issues that you may have. You do not need to give your exact location but more than the just listing the UK or North America.


Sep 28, 2020
Hello! I am KeeperOfTheFall, but you can call me Keeper. I have many chickens, but most have died, which is one reason I joined. We how found to stop the coyotes. I also like vocaloid, animation, and art, so if you want to visit my discord... my name is KeeperOfTheFall#7720. I have tiktok but I won't share it here. Not yet. My favorite chicken is Turkey. She is a turken naked neck. I used to have an unknown breed named Ocelot or Ozzy, but she passed 😓 Well look forward to meeting you guys!
Just joined myself, it is the place to be if your looking for reliable info. Welcome.

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Apr 25, 2020
Madison Co, NC
Hey there, Keeper Welcome to our flock :jumpy !

The BYC forum is made up of some of the most interesting people. You’re going to fit right in.

Regarding your coyote problem, a stout coop and well positioned hot wire will be your friends. And perhaps a 22. I hate that, they are beautiful animals and deserve their own place in the world. But they don’t negotiate so I don’t feel like I can, either.

In case you haven’t already spent a hundred hours going down the rabbit holes on this site, there’s an entire city block of info related to building safe and appropriate housing for your beloved birds. Good luck and welcome!

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Aug 26, 2009
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Welcome - years ago we had a huge coyote population - with them congregating on peoples lawns, walking through yards etc. Then they suddenly disappeared. I wonder if our suburb was deliberately eliminating them. We also have had a an absence of rabbits. This year I saw one eating weeds in my yard. Used to have a huge abundance of rabbits and their bunnies.

Maybe the coyotes had nearly wiped them out :confused:. Our suburb is mainly surrounded by forest preserves so we also have raccoons, opossums, woodchucks, pheasants, and deer.

Skunks are still missing since distemper wiped many out years ago. Haven't seen any Bob Whites, since we moved in 50+ years ago. It was a big thrill for this (city gal) to see them. Of course I knew what they were since they announced their name.

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