Jun 8, 2022
Hello! My family and I have raised chickens for over six years. It was my daughter’s idea. She wants to get into the agriculture industry with raising both poultry and grain. So, as a family, we go with the flow, and learn together and grow together, jumping hurtles as they come along. We have raised a variety of common chickens. We currently have a large flock of approximately 30 birds, which include mainly Buff Cochins, Ameraucanas, and a few donated stragglers. We have also expanded our flocks to include Royal Palm heritage turkeys, peafowl, and Guinea fowl. Mostly raise them for meat and eggs. A few have been tagged to live out their entire lives as “pets”. The peafowl, though, are raised for fun. Their offspring get rehomed. Our experience has proven to be both challenging and enjoyable.View attachment 3141320View attachment 3141323View attachment 3141351

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