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10 Years
Nov 6, 2009
Hi, my family just moved into a new home in northern Alabama this winter. We finally have the acreage we've always wanted and we are ready to start doing things we've only been talking about for years. One of the first things we plan on doing is raising chickens. My family raised chickens when I was a child, but I have no experience with them as an adult, and my husband has less than that. But we are eager to get started. We're starting from scratch here, and it's all a little overwhelming, but I'm sure a place like this will be a terrific resource. I'm looking forward to hanging around here.
It sounds like you get to start out correctly, and from new. You get to put things where you want them and not make do with what is there. Clean slates are nice!
Welcome and enjoy your new home!
from Illinois! Everyone at BYC is super nice and helpful. We knew nothing (absolutely zero) about raising chickens before buying property and discovering BYC. We were hooked in no time. You'll love it here, and you'll love your new chickens even more! Good luck with your new home.
Muddy, Welcome! you have lots of links to pick from here. don't be shy, jump in and ask away. Before you know it, you'll be answering other questions. Have Fun.

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