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    We are a small Homestead Farm in the old mining town of Ophir California. I am working on our website (note working.... as in someday I'll get it finished) and soon you will be able to see all our creatures great (Clydesdale) and small (2 lb chihuahua). We are Devout Locavores, and grow about 60% of our own food and someday all of it. Our children are grown and we have 2 grandchildren (so far). We are not old, just started young. We recycle, re-use, refurbish and rarely buy new anything.

    We love our Feathered Kids and my husband is currently building our dream house! (chicken house that is) and if I ever get that website up, you can see the photo's of the construction!.

    We have 18 hens, 1 Roo. The first 9 came to us from a girl up the street... a 4-h project gone wrong- and they are

    BokBok and ChikChik - Salmon Faviola's
    Lacy- Light Brahma
    Phyllis- Buff Polish
    Pants- Blue Cochin
    Penny- Sexlink
    Studmuffin- (yup he's the dude) Bantam Rooster
    Mystery- White Leghorn (yup she is a mystery)
    Psycho Chicken- Barred Rock (she is a bit weird)

    The next 10 we got as chicks in September of last year and managed to not kill a single one. Also an oddity is that none of them were roosters!
    Only one has a name... Stomper- you will get lots of good Stomper stories. She has divested herself of all chicken-hood and has decided she is a barn cat, or when she can get away with it, a house cat.

    We also have 1 goose breed unknown (something grey), about 5 or 6 weeks old Mr. Peepers, and 1 call duck (courtesy of one of the barn cats) she is about 9 weeks old and her name is Daphne.

    We have horses (5) Tess, Grace, Sky, Matan and Ofra
    Goats (2) Thistle and Clover
    Cats (7) Bart, Baxter, Bartle-mew, Whiskers, Starlight, Manda and Jewel
    Dogs 1. Zuzu

    We are adding this year:

    1 dozen Welsh Harlequin Ducks

    Next year
    Miniature Jacob Sheep
    Potbelly Pig

    I grew up on a farm, my husband grew up in the San Fernando Valley, where the closest he ever got to a farm animal was watching them on TV.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] i hope you like this website there is alot to see and do and alot of nice people
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    [​IMG] Hello and [​IMG]! Glad you could join us.

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