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May 19, 2012
Adirondack's NY
I just found your sight last night and I have been reading nonstop. I am new to chickens I don't have them yet, they arrive end of July but we started the coop where I will put the brooded in. This is a dream come true for me I am so excited and this site has given me the knowledge and courage to do this. I have a couple of questions I can't seem to sort out on other posts. I am allergic to pine what can I use in the coop as a good substitute? I was going to use sand but I live in the north and winters are long and cold. The other question since I get my chicks end of July can they go outside before feathers or do I keep them in the coop until full feathered? Hate to waste the warm weather. Thank you in advance for any help and thanks for this site!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

Aspen shavings work for others with pine allergies.

Plan on providing temps starting at 95 degrees for the first week, then dropping 5 degrees per week. If it it's that warm outside, then they will be fine.

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