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Helen 123

7 Years
Oct 26, 2012

I just found your web site this afternoon whilst trying to find answers to some of our many chicken questions.

Last weekend our family became the very happy keepers of 4 pekin bantams.
The children have named them "Coco", "Sandy", "Not a chicken" and "I love the chicken" (the last two were by my 3 year old, not sure he really gets the concept of what makes a good name yet, but thats what he wanted to call them ....)

Anyway, enough about names, I was looking on the form because we have absolutely tonnes of questions:
What treats can we feed them?
What can we do to settle them down?
How can we 'tame' them so that they will let the kids gelntly handle them?
What toys/distractions can we put in their run?
We have a hen house with small run attached, which is currently in the middle of the back lawn (bought online from hen house world), our plan is to build a big run at the bottom end of the garden - any construction advice would be greatly appreciated !

Helen x
First off welcome to one of the greatest chickens site I have ever come across! There are so many amazing people filled with info here.

As far as treats, there are so many things that they can have and LOVE. Fruits, veggies, grass clippings (small amounts so that it does not get moldy before they eat it all) bugs of all kinds, meal worm alive or freeze dried, chicken scratch (sold in feed stores) but not to much to often as far as the scratch goes because it lowers the amount of protine that they get which in turn can affect how much or often they lay. There are many more treat options but this is what I can think of right off hand.

When you say "to settle them down" I assume you mean to help them settle into their new home? In that case, just give them a few days while feeding them some treats and they will adjust to their new surroundings.
How old are these chickens? If they are already laying they will take a few weeks to restart laying at your house after the transition, if you have a light in their coop. They need 14-15 hours of light to lay durring the winter but it will still lay less in the winter than they will when spring and summer come around.

When it comes to tameing them and toys in the coop I have no idea as I do not use toys in my coop, and the only time I tame mine is when I hatch them or buy them as chicks. At that point I just make sure to hold them for at least a few minutes a day to maybe and hour if I can.

I hope this helped a bit, if not I am sure there will be others that have more ideas for you soon. Glad you found this site, have fun with your new feathery friends!
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Thank you everybody for your kind greetings.
And thank you Farmin Momma for your advice - its much appreciated.


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