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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I have been browsing for a few weeks now and figured it was finally time to bite it and join! I am fairly new to chickens having just gotten my first about 4 weeks ago. I have never loved an animal so much as these chickens! As of today I have 10 white leghorns, 5 Rhode Island Red, 10 that I am still learning the breeds, and two that are laying that I believe are Rhode Island red.

Chicken math got a hold of me :/. My husband still doesn't know I purchased the 10 more today eek! How well do you think I can hide my black chicks amongst my white ones?

We homeschool and my 9 year old daughter is absolutely in love with the chickens. She checks on them so often that I have had to do very little. We have started free ranging them for a few hours a day. Of course the big girls love it and within a couple of weeks I expect to have them out full time on the days we are home (I am mom to an artist and a competitive gymnast). My goal is to have layers and a good supply of meat chickens at some point, but for now, I will just go with keeping them alive and healthy!
Howdy from Kansas and
! Great to have you aboard! That chicken math will get you every time! Best wishes to you and your flock!

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