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Sep 10, 2013
Hello everyone I'm from a little town outside of pittsburgh and recently moved to a home with a lot more yard space! I'm looking to start a small "flock" I guess you could call it that?haha maybe 3-4 hens just to get some fresh eggs and for the enjoyment of it! I had chickens growing up but that was a long time ago! I have two kids and want a "friendly" breed but something that will still lay eggs and my main issue is that I'm looking for somewhere local to get some chicks but the feed stores and other places only seem to have them around easter and I really didn't want to ship them if I didn't have to. Any suggestions on breeds and/or a local place to get chicks or recommend a good hatchery to order a small amount of chicks from? Thanks so much :) very excited to start this new adventure!
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! I'd suggest having a browse through the
Breeds section and see what breeds you like and their characteristics. Each breed have it's own plusses and minuses, but that section will help you narrow it down to what you want. Also pop in at your state thread in the Where am I? Where are you! section and talk to your locals about what worked for them. There may also be something here: Breeder and Hatchery Index and the Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade section of course! In the meantime have a browse through the Coops section for ideas on housing and the Learning Center to "refresh" your chicken keeping skills
Enjoy the site and your new chicken venture!
Thanks so much! I'm new to this whole forum thing but this sight has been a great resource while I was looking things up I was thinking about dominiques or the Easter egg (the proper name starts with an A I think lol) I've been reading up for a good week trying to make a decision but there are so many choices!
Check out horstmanpoultry.com. He is in the Pittsburgh area and has a wide variety of GOOD birds. Welcome to BYC.
Thanks everyone! I'm very excited and open to any advice anyone has for me!

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